Subscriptions and PatronageSubscriptions and Patronage

Wanna help support your favorite writer? Or maybe me, instead? Here are some ways to do it:

There's a fuller explanation below, but let's get the basics first. If you want to give me money, I'm happy to accept it, and even provide some goodies in exchange. I'm also happy to provide some free information about how you can do this. There are four ways to sign up:

1. To get my free newsletter, more or less monthly, e-mail me. (I used to have a form you could use, but so many spammers were hitting it I gave up. You'll have to actually write.)
Patreon logo 3. Make a pledge on my Patreon Page
4. Don't want a long-term commitment? Then make one or more $3.00 donations, with no further obligation. Does not sign you up for anything else.