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About the No-Frills Version

This page is no longer in use, and you should have been transferred to the Front Page.

If you're still here, though, here's what this page was: Once upon a time, I had the "brilliant" idea of maintaining two versions of all the content on the Misenchanted Page. One version would be the "Spiffy" version, with colors and graphics and so on; the other version would be the "No Frills" version, plain text on a white background, for people using text-only browsers, or people with visual impairments of one sort or another.

This turned out to be a dumb idea for a variety of reasons, one of them being it meant twice as much maintenance when I was already perpetually backlogged. And modern web browsers have made the idea obsolete, since you can pretty much turn off all the clutter if you know what you're doing, or in some browsers, use alternate stylesheets.

Not to mention that some people chose "No Frills" under the false assumption that the "Spiffy" version would be cluttered up with bandwidth-hogging crap like Flash or video. Which it wasn't. And the "No Frills" version was usually far more out of date than the "Spiffy" side, so these people were missing stuff.

So I long ago abandoned the notion, but every so often you may stumble across relics of the old "No Frills" version such as this one. This page was originally the entry portal for the no-frills version; now it's just an explanation and redirect.


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