Alien Abductions

No fancy origin story for this one -- John Helfers invited me to submit something for an anthology of alien abduction stories, and "Throwback" is what I came up with.

It's just playing with ideas. The problem I always had with the tales of alien abductions was that the aliens don't seem to have any sort of rational motive. Oh, sure, they're alien, so they don't think like us, but still, they must have a reason for what they're doing, even if it's not a human reason. The various anal probes and so on don't make sense in themselves -- but what if what they're really studying isn't the bodies of their captives, but the reactions?

(Or it just now occurred to me that maybe they're trying to communicate with our intestinal flora -- maybe we have hive-minds in our guts and don't even realize it... but that's another story, one I haven't written, it's nothing to do with "Throwback.")

Anyway. I wrote "Throwback" for the anthology, and John bought it. There was no attempt at a clever title; the book's called Alien Abductions. The story's never been reprinted that I can recall.

It sort of resonates a bit with the "most interesting man in the world" ads, doesn't it? But only a bit.


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