Something to Grin About Something to Grin About

Fantastic Alice Marty Greenberg sent me an anthology invitation -- Fantastic Alice, stories based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and/or Through the Looking-Glass. Yes, I know Margaret Weiss was the nominal editor, but I never had any contact with her at all; I only dealt with Marty.

I had my doubts about whether this was really a good premise for an anthology, but I agreed to give it a shot. My favorite character in those was always the Cheshire cat -- I love cats, my mother's mother was from Cheshire, and he's just a fun character -- so I worked up a story about an escapade of the Cheshire cat after he came back from Wonderland to our world, and I called it "Something to Grin About."

It's not a bad story, nor a great one.

Unfortunately, my doubts about the anthology were justified. Most of the stories in it were pretty bad. Mine, which was really nothing remotely special, stood out as one of the best in the book.

Oh, well.

It's been reprinted in The Lawrence Watt-Evans Fantasy Megapack.


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