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Once upon a time, back before search engines evolved to a useful level, when the total number of pages on the web was still countable and in five or six digits, it was standard practice for every website to have a page of links to stuff the webmaster thought would be of interest to his readers, on the theory that they might otherwise never find those sites. (This was one of the precursors to blogs, and survived for a time in "blogrolls" and "particles" and the like.)

This is where mine used to be.

I stopped maintaining it regularly in 1996, sixteen months after I set up my first webpage -- link pages were already falling out of fashion as the Web expanded and search engines and portals caught on. I rediscovered it in November of 2007 and, in a fit of nostalgia, updated it, though with a mere five links.

I just found it again. Two of the five links from 2007 are dead, another site has changed character to the point I would no longer recommend it... Clearly, the time for such things has passed.

So what should I do with it? Delete it? Naah -- I almost never delete anything.

So what I'm going to do is post one link, to a site that you can explore for hours, maybe days, and which has survived since 1996 and is still active, the latest blog entry dated today. I figure this link won't die any time soon.

Here it is:, a collection of obscure, forgotten, and bizarre aspects of 20th-century America. Seriously, you want to check it out.

I may add more someday. We'll see.


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