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A Science Fiction Anthology
edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Segriff

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Copyright 2000 by
Tekno Books and Larry Segriff
Cover art by Bob Warner
Published by DAW Books
in September 2000
ISBN 0-88677-908-1

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Exploration lies at the very heart of science fiction. From Jules Verne and H.G. Wells to the earliest sf pulp magazines, to the most current science fiction best sellers, protagonists have always sought to learn about new territories, concepts, and technologies, imaginatively reaching out to distant worlds and galaxies, to uncharted regions of Earth itself, to the next step in evolution. to the many futures that may await us as we strive to discover all we can about the universe.

Now thirteen of today's top authors blaze new pathways to worlds beyond imagination from: a civilization of humans living in a Dyson sphere to whom the idea of living on a planet is pure mythology...to an ancient man so obsessed with an alien legend that he will risk ship and crew in the Void in the hopes of proving it true...to the story of the last free segments of "humanity," forced to retreat to the very edge of the galaxy in the hope of finding a way to save themselves when there is nowhere left to run....

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