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Welcome to The Misenchanted Page, the website of Lawrence Watt-Evans, author of a bunch of stuff. Below is a list of comic books I've got stashed in my basement, which I would prefer not to have stashed in my basement.

Terms and other useful information are below the listings; click here to see them now, rather than scrolling down.

Titles starting with N, O, P, or Q:

National Comics: Madame X (2012) #1

Netman (1992) #0

New Super-Man (2016) #1

Night Force (2012) #1-7

Night's Dominion (2016) #1-6

O.M.A.C. (2011) #1-8

Patsy Walker: Hellcat (2009) #5

Phantom Lady and Doll Man (2012) #1-4

Phantom Stranger (2012) #0

Phoenix (2011) #2-4, 6

Portal Bound (2018) #0

Port of Earth (2017) #1

Powers (2011) #8-11

Powers: The Bureau (2012) #1-6

Princeless #0

Princeless: Make Yourself #1-3

Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess: Year Two #1-2

Princess Leia (2015) #1

Prison Break #5

Quantum and Woody (2013) #1-4, 6-7

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If you see something you want but would like more information, feel free to e-mail me at misenchantedpress@gmail.com.

Everything listed here is available. More should be added as I get around to it, but don't expect any treasures; it's mostly going to be recent acquisitions I decided I didn't need to keep.

Prices are highly negotiable on most items -- make me an offer. Do not ask my price; I don't have one. I can come up with one, but you probably won't like it. You'll do better making an opening bid. On most of this I just want to get it out of here without feeling as if I'm throwing it away.

I originally posted this list back in 2009 when I had several thousand comics I wanted to get rid of because we were moving. Well, almost all of those are gone now, but I've acquired a few more here and there, and there were some that I didn't originally list for one reason or another, so the list is still here, albeit much, much shorter.

Payment: I accept PayPal at misenchantedpress@gmail.com. If you want to use another form of payment, I'm fine with that; e-mail me to make arrangements. Before sending money, first make sure in e-mail that we have a deal.

Condition: Virtually everything here was bought new, with some care taken to get perfect copies -- I regularly pull one from partway down the stack on the new-arrivals rack at the shop, as the top copy may have been handled more. Each was then read once each by me and Julie, and we both know how to handle comics carefully. Then it was put away in the basement. Alas, sometimes it didn't get properly sorted and filed immediately, so a few may have bends from being badly stacked, but those should come out with proper storage.


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