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Once upon a time, when the World Wide Web was younger and more primitive, someone e-mailed to ask why I only linked to U.S. booksellers -- after all, even for Canadians it's a nuisance dealing with U.S. dollars, and for someone in Russia or South Africa, Amazon US just isn't very convenient at all.

So I did a little research and linked to a bunch of booksellers in other countries. I signed up for the affiliate programs at some of them, and posted those links on this very page.

There was no sign that anyone ever followed any of those links, so I stopped maintaining them, let alone adding more. I've thought about dropping them completely, but hey, it doesn't cost me anything, so here they are:

I was an Amazon associate at these branches, but I think Germany and the UK have dropped me for years of inactivity:

In Association with Amazon

United States

In Association with Amazon UK

United Kingdom

In Partnerschaft mit


I'm not an affiliate at these, but they list an item or two of interest:



I used to be a Chapters affiliate, but lost that when Indigo bought them out. I was never affiliated with the others, but they've been known to carry some of my books. (I used to list more here, but the others are apparently out of business and it's not worth the trouble of finding replacements.)





I know there are many, many countries I'm neglecting, including several more Amazon branches, but honestly, these days it's easy to find them for yourself. Go for it.


That's it; here's your list of handy exits:

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