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...so what is this place?

In April 2005, on a whim, I started serializing a novel called The Spriggan Mirror on the web, taking donations to justify the time and effort I was putting into it.

It worked a whole lot better than I expected, and after it was finished I decided to do it again. I did, and when that worked, too, I decided to branch out a little. I decided I wanted to set up a more permanent home for my online fiction, and add some nice little extras -- make it a place people would want to come back to regularly. Not just a weekly serial, but a whole website's worth of cool stuff. Something a little like a webzine, a little like a library. I came up with a name for it, and there it was.

I sometimes did little seasonal extras -- Hallowe'en or Christmas stories, for example. And for a few years I posted a new story every International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day. It wasn't a webzine, though, because there wasn't a set schedule.

You'll notice I'm using the past tense. That's because it never really went anywhere, and brought it almost no money -- as in, the grand total for all authors never got out of two digits before the decimal point. So I gradually abandoned it, and now if I want to make a short story available I make it into a mini-ebook.

(If it had made money, I'd have put more effort into it.)

PayPal donations are still gladly accepted. If they're made with the button on a story page, the money will all go to the author of that story; if they're made with the button on the front page, the money will be divided among all the authors with stories on this site at the time. (I'm afraid I'm not quite generous enough to give shares to authors I merely linked to.)

And that's it. That's what this is. I'm not doing anything with it anymore, but I didn't see any reason to take it down, either, so the stories are still there. Enjoy!

-- Lawrence Watt-Evans


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