Paul is Dead

In 2011 the actor Misha Collins created GISHWHES, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen -- the name has been shortened to just GISH in recent years, I understand. I was not aware of this initially, but in 2014 one of the items to be found was this:

Item #78: Get a previously published Sci-Fi author to write an original story (140 words max) about Misha, the Queen of England and an Elopus. 59 POINTS 

I honestly don't remember who approached me, or any of the other details, but I was approached, and once I found out what an elopus was (it was the 2014 GISHWHES mascot, an elephant-octopus hybrid) I wrote "Tentacular" to fit the specifications. I don't think it's ever been officially published or anything, though.

Anyway, here it is, all 139 words of it:

Misha had taken a wrong turn, and was unsure what to do. He had wandered into a part of Buckingham Palace that was not on the tourist routes at all.
      He rounded a corner and saw two guards walking down the corridor away from him; he started toward them, intending to ask directions.
      But then one of them said, "How did that thing get in there?"
      They both glanced uneasily at a certain door.
      Misha was overcome with curiosity. He crept up to the door, then pushed it open and peered inside.
      The room beyond was an elegant bedchamber, and to his astonishment Misha saw the queen herself on the bed, staring at a blushing elopus with royal disdain. She announced, "If that is the best you can do with that tentacle, we are not amused!"

I never found out whether it was used in the scavenger hunt or not; I sent it off, and that was that.


That's it; here's your list of handy exits:

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