Hazmat & Other Toxic Stories

Many years ago I wrote a short horror story called "Stab," which I then sold to a prestigious anthology. Not long after that I decided I wasn't really done with the topic and I wrote the first half of another story, "Slash."

It isn't directly connected with the first one at all; it's just me fiddling around with ideas inspired by "Stab."

I didn't get around to finishing it right away, though, and by the time I did I had pretty much dropped out of the horror community. My two years as president of HWA had left me a little burned out, and the market for horror was in decline, so I wasn't much interested in the genre anymore. The story is also very short, so it wouldn't have brought in much money. As a result, I never bothered to submit it anywhere.

But then in 2016 I finally got around to putting together my long-planned horror collection, Hazmat & Other Toxic Stories, and it seemed a natural thing to do to include "Slash" in it.

So I did, and it's in print at last.


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