Kiri Evans

My daughter Kyrith Evans (who now goes by Kiri) doesn't want me to post a lot about her here, but she did agree that I could mention a few things.

She graduated from Drake University, with a degree in printmaking from the School of Fine Arts.

She spent a year in China teaching English to middle-schoolers in Shijiazhuang, followed by a semester teaching in Shanghai, and has worked for various companies in the U.S. At present (2022) she's working for a casino in upstate New York.

Art has been a major interest for most of her life. For awhile she made her living selling art on the streets of Boston, but she gave that up some time back. She's also done a little professional illustration work, but never tried to make a career of it.

She's been drawing since she was little. On this page are doodles from an old high school notebook, but she's asked me to remove some even older ones she thought no longer fairly reflected her skills, and to relegate some others to places less obvious than this.

Kiri spent her junior year of college in Italy, studying art in Florence, and then worked in China -- obviously, she likes travel. She's visited England, Germany, Belgium, Peru, and other countries, as well.

I think that's about all she wants known.

I'm Lawrence Watt-Evans. This site is collectively known as the Misenchanted Page, a reference to my bestselling novel The Misenchanted Sword.


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