Lawrence Watt-Evans' Convention Calendar
Lawrence Watt-Evans' Convention Calendar Lawrence Watt-Evans' Convention Calendar

Science fiction and fantasy fans hold conventions all over the world; in North America there's at least one convention going on somewhere just about every weekend. Conventions provide opportunities for readers and writers of SF to get together and discuss their shared interests -- among other things. I started attending conventions back in 1980, and have gone to at least one or two almost every year since -- sometimes as just another member, sometimes as guest of honor, or toastmaster, or in other roles.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on my schedule (and everyone else's), with some conventions moving online, others being canceled or postponed, and so on. I tried a couple of virtual conventions and concluded they are Not For Me; I intend to stick to in-person events, which means that for now, I don't have much planned.

In fact, right now I have nothing on my schedule.

Hope to see you somewhere!


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