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Welcome to The Misenchanted Page, the website of fantasy and science fiction author Lawrence Watt-Evans. There are two versions of much of the site: No Frills and Spiffy. ''No Frills'' means almost no graphics, no frames, etc., and is intended for people with slow connections, visual impairment, or other reasons to keep things extremely simple. I recommend the Spiffy side for ordinary users.

For a quick summary of the latest news about my writing, see below. If you're strictly an Ethshar fan, then you can visit the portion of the Misenchanted Page devoted exclusively to The World of Ethshar. You can leave me a message in the Guestbook, or read a few of my musings in my Weblog. For everything else, choose No Frills or Spiffy

The Dragon Society

Now Available!

The next Ethshar serial, Ishta's Companion, is in progress, though the title is likely to change before it's published in book form. The latest installment is Chapter Ten; it was a few hours later than usual because not enough money had come in. An explanation of how it works is also available.

My Kickstarter campaign was a success, and Misenchanted Press will be publishing Vika's Avenger as soon as I get back from vacation and approve the proofs. Assuming there are no problems and I do approve them.

My daughter Kyrith is now doing a webcomic called Misguided Light. Check it out!

I occasionally send out e-mail notices called the Misenchanted Newsletter, updating the latest news on my publications. I've promised these will appear no more than once a week unless there are urgent corrections needed; it usually seems to run two or three times a month when there's no serial in progress, weekly when there are serial updates to report. E-mail me if you'd like to sign up for it.

In addition to the fairly concise reporting of writing news in the regular edition, I also now offer an occasional "chatty version," with more personal commentary, that you can also subscribe to. The chatty version comes out much less often.

If you decide you don't like either one, you can always unsubscribe; I have no interest in antagonizing readers by sending them things they don't want.

If you've signed up for the newsletter and haven't received it, please e-mail me and let me know! Issue #66 went out September 18th.

The Misenchanted Page
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